Linda Holmefjord is the owner and captain of Norway's smallest ferry. As mate and captain, she must navigate the small boat through Bergen's narrow harbour. For almost 125 years, the little ferry has transported travellers back and forth across the bay in less than two minutes. However, few people are aware of the battles that are raging on board. 

No education, no skills as a captain...

Linda's father devoted and dedicated his life to the little ferry in his prime, and after his untimely death, Linda is summoned to don the captain's hat. Linda is suddenly the lone heir to the ferry and the little shipping firm. 


Linda is particularly bothered by the fact that the ship is now in disrepair. Along the way, she uncovers some valuable information, such as old drawings, and then embarks on a journey to build a replica. In the course of her voyage, she encounters several supportive characters, including two retired captains, a highly skilled carpenter, and, last but not least, the director and owner of a shipping and shipbuilding company. Her advisers eventually find a shipyard in Estonia that can finish this small but vital project: building a battery-powered replica of the little ferry. 

technical info

Language: Norwegian, English Subtitles

Y/N: Y , Running Time: 36:46 min

Resolution: 1920x1080, Frame Rate: 25 FPS, Ratio: 16:9

Colour or B/W: Colour

Sound Type: 5.1 theatrical, 2.0 TV or WEB

DCP format : FLAT, DCP is 48 GB size.